Offer IP for sell

You can quickly handle the excessive IPv4 addresses by selling them on our IP Trading Platform. By doing so you can make money from the trade and no longer save the trouble and cost of maintaining the unused/idle IP addresses.


Offer IP for lease

You may have excessive IPv4 addresses in hand but would like to keep them rather than selling them. Instead of putting it on the shelf, you can lease them through our IP Trading Platform to make recurrent revenue.


Buy IP addresses

Due to fast growth in business and IT needs, most companies will need more IPv4 addresses. Our IP Trading Platform provides the easiest way ever for them to find and get the IP addresses they need.


Rent IP address

Imagine: you need more IPv4 addresses, but you do not wish to invest heavily upfront to buy the IP addresses. Our IP Trading Platform provides the easiest way ever for you to find and lease the addresses for desired service period.



VPN Solutions

LARUS provides full ranges of fast roll-out VPN solutions that add security, value and freedom to your network.


IP Delegation Service

LARUS possesses seasoned expert in IP address policy,to focus on to provide unmatched IPv4 address solutions in the world.


RIR Management Service

LARUS helps you to become a RIR member and obtain your own IPv4 addresses for now and your future needs.