LARUS Cloud Service Limited is dedicated to providing customers a full range of IP address solutions, including IP address management, IP addresses provisioning, RIR membership application and management. At the same time, we provide VPN solutions and infrastructure service.


Our solutions are unique to the market.

We have strong experience and know how in the IP market. Having millions of IPv4 addresses in possession around the world, we are confident that we are the only company in the market that can offer similar solutions and have the ability to do this.

We are much more than an IP broker.

Comparing to the long process of finding and buying addresses with uncertain results in the market, we aim to provide a sustainable and predictable solution to cater your immediate and future IP address needs for your business. You will be benefited by our solutions in terms of cost, speed and effort.


We strive to deliver our customers the best possible service and solution. Listening to your needs and defining the best fitting solutions is what we are here for. We know that all networks are different, this is why we make sure that wecarefully define tailor made solutions for each and every one of our customers!

Our Guarantee

To ensure that our customers’ IP resources are used in a manner which is consistent with policies, and to help customers protect their IP resources from hijacking.

Our Team

Our team members have years of experience in the world’s IP address policy and manage millions of IP addresses around the world.

Our Purpose

Make your network management easier.

Our Core Values

Be innovative, be efficient, be the most cost efficient possible.

Our mission

To meet all your personal and business requirements.

Our Status

Ready for action.