LARUS globe number
policy Fellowship program


LARUS is one of the best IP address solution providers in the market. Our service ranges from RIR membership management to full infrastructure solutions. Our mission is to help building a better internet for the society. To achieve this, we help enterprises improve their internet infrastructures.


In order to inspire more young people into number policy making and future internet governing, we would like to sponsor them to take part in different RIR(regional internet registry)’s meeting and engage in policy discussion so as to help building a better internet for future generations.


Any one interested in number policy, with an ambition to make internet a better place for all mankind.


We will have a specialist to contact you with follow-up questions and study materials regarding the meeting you wish to attend. You will need to study the material provided, and a phone interview will be scheduled to assess your understanding of the material. Suitable candidates will be selected accordingly.

* Job title if you are not student

* A brief introduction about yourself and why you are interested in LARUS fellowship programme