Rent IP addresses


Imagine: you need more IPv4 addresses, but you do not wish to invest heavily upfront to buy the IP addresses. Our IP Trading Platform provides the easiest way ever for you to find and lease the addresses for desired service period. This offers IP addresses in a flexible way that will perfectly match your business model.

Automatic Trading System

The system provides end-to-end process for you to carry out the trades effectively and speedily, without the need of a middleman.

Transparent Information

Information such as IP range, price and availability can be found on our platform. Whenever you need new IP addresses, you can quickly search for the IP ranges on our platform and place orders to buy them.

Management Platform

A management platform will be provided for you to manage your account. You will receive support from our team as well.

Pre-Ordering Your IPs

In case your desired IP ranges are temporarily unavailable, you can place pre-orders and you will receive the addresses once they become available.

Worry-Free Transaction

We carry out blacklist check to ensure the integrity of the IP addresses on our trading platform. We will assist the buyers to carry out pre-approval with RIR for the IP address transfer to ensure smooth transactions.

Deployment Support

We assist the buyers in dealing with RIR, the IP address transfer, the IP address broadcast and routing, and update of WHOIS information.