VPN Solutions: IP as Infrastructure


LARUS provides full ranges of fast roll-out VPN solutions that add security, value and freedom to your network. Our solutions come with dedicated public IPv4 addresses so that you no longer need to rely on ISP IP addresses. Furthermore, you can deploy our VPN solution as a service to increase your revenue.

End-Users Services

End-users get their dedicated public IP to use or deploy all their services (p2p, online gaming, streaming services, websites, servers, routers, etc) even when they are behind the CGN (Carrier Grade NAT).

Enterprise Users

Enterprise users can always work remotely and securely on the LAN behind the enterprise firewall rules. Our platform will provide clear logging for each user’s activities.

Telecom CGN and DS-LITE Operators

Operators who have deployed CGN or DS-Lite can provide our dedicated public IP with our solution for the users, as a value-added service, to increase users satisfaction and revenue.

Freedom from Infrastructure

This is an operator neutral solution. While the physical layer is no longer absolute, the IP layer becomes constant and permanent. This is easy for set-up, migration and failover.

World-Class VPN Software

This is aproven software that has been used for many operators, enterprises and millions of users.

Management Platform

A management platform will be provided for management and administration of the system and user accounts.

Cloud Platform

Larus hosts its reliable cloud platform, available for customers to effectively deploy their VPN solutions.

Skillful Technical Support

Quick roll-out with our customization, deployment and on-going management services by our experienced team.

Integration Service

System integration with your payment gateway so that the users can easily subscribe and pay online.

Transparent Charging Model

Simple charging model based on either number of users or the VPN reselling revenue so that the customers can easily predict their cost and return.